Blog #4

“Muybridge was a doorway, a pivot between the old world and ours, and to follow him is to follow the choices that got us here”(Solnit, Rover of Shadows).  Muybridge’s innovative technology, capturing animals in motion, and slowing them down image by image has influenced the way we all look at the world.  Like it or not, whether we want to admit, anyone who had access to a blog has been touched by technology and its influence.  Muybridge paved the road for our movies, actors, fame, fortune etc.  He did this all with the manipulation of time.  Play, rewind, fast forward, and pause are powers that are incredible when you really think of it.  Does a still image freeze the consciousness?  William James would adamantly disagree for the consciousness is like a running stream of water.  Our consciousness is always in flow as we observe each still image and will according to James never look at the same thing in exactly the same way.  Our mood, the seasons, the time of day, day of the week amongst other countless variables can all have an influence on the way we view the same things everyday.  However it can’t be disputed freezing a horse in motion offers a perspective that was never previously available.  Many artists would try to resist the revolution that Muybridge has sparked.  His achievements have isolated the human from the actual reality of their world.  Watching a horse move forward and backward is a false representation of witnessing a horse stampede in the flesh.  The smells, tastes, perspective are all compromised by the photographer.  However true this may be it would be hard to envision a world without the influence of Muybridge.  Our DVR’s, netflix, documentaries, Knicks games, reality shows etc., would never exist.  In actuality, without the influence of Muybridge, outside the physicality of our daily ventures, it would be hard to envision a world at all.

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